NTE1834, ECG1834, SK9740, IC, Dual Reversible Motor Driver

NTE1834, ECG1834, SK9740, IC, Dual Reversible Motor Driver

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The NTE1834 is a monolithic IC in a 10−Lead SIP type package designed for use as a dual reversible motor driver. This device contains two independent circuits designed for driving brush−type DC motors. The control logic inputs are compatible with CMOS devices. The motor torque can be controlled by varying the motor voltage with the control input (Pin8). With few external components required and dual circuit configuration, the NTE1834 offers great benefits in terms of reduced components and reduced circuit board space.

  • Dual Reversible Motor Drivers Implemented on a Single Chip (Simultaneous Dual Circuit Operation is Not Possible)
  • Minimum External Components Required
  • Control Inputs Directly Compatible with CMOS Logic (Protection Resistors are Required if CMOS Output Voltage Exceeds 5V)
  • Internal Motor Driving Power Transistors
  • Internal Surge Suppressors
  • Internal Thermal Shut−Down Circuit
  • VCRs
  • Tape Decks

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