How do I search your current inventory?
Our current inventory of stock is available to the public in real-time, 24/7. Just enter one or more part numbers on the left and click search. All matching items in our inventory will be displayed here.
It is not necessary to type the full part number. Our search engine will find all matching parts that contain the alpha-numeric sequence you entered.

What do the abbreviations mean?
RFQ - Request for Quote
DC - Date Code
MFG - Manufacturer
QTY - Quantity

How do I get a price for selected items?
1. Search for the parts you want. All matching parts will be displayed with date code, manufacturer, and quantity available.
2. From the list of results, select any or all of the parts you would like a quote for. Click Next.
3. Enter your contact information. Valid email address is required to receive the quote. Your contact information will only be used for this purpose.
4. Click the Submit RFQ button.
Your request will be submitted to the sales department. Within one to two days, you will receive an email listing all the parts and associate prices you requested.

Is my email and contact information shared or sold to third parties?
No. Your contact information is only used for responding to RFQ's. We do not sell or share any customer information with outside agencies or third parties.

I have electronic components for sale, how do I submit offers?
You can submit offers to our purchasing department using the online form here.

What brands to do you stock?
We maintain a vast inventory of products in our on-site warehouse, and we stock most recognized brand names. Click here to see a partial list of common manufactures we stock.

Which foreign countries do you ship to?
Specialty Parts & Electronic Components, Inc. is an international distributor of electronic components. We ship to most major cities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Japan.

What is the price in my local currency?
Quickly convert prices into your local currency with this online Currency Exchange Calculator.