Additional Services

Specialty Parts & Electronic Components, Inc. provides the following additional services.

** All Additional Services are done In-House **

Tape and Reel
Tape and reeling is a very simple process that needs to be performed in a very precise manner. If the product is reeled in an improper manner then the parts will be placed on the boards the wrong way. Pin 1 verification, proper handling and proper sealing of the components are the most important steps during this process.
The Retinning process is essential for the re-using of electronic components. We can re-tin any component that has leads.
Reconditioning of leads
Lead reconditioning is available for surface mount and throughhole components. All orders are meticulously gone through to assure the coplanarity of all the leads. Some of the packages we recondition are: QFP, TSOP, SSOP, TSSOP, SOIC, PLCC, SIP, DIP and MORE.
BGA repair
Ball Grid Arrays are too expensive of a component to just scrap. We have developed a process in house for the last 10 years that will reclaim these components. The process is very tedious and meticulous to assure the greatest results for our customers.
Vacuum Sealing
We can assist you in all of your sealing needs. All sealing will include desiccant and a humidity indicator to assure a proper seal was performed.
Moisture Removal
This is a very crucial process for the reclaiming of a lot of components. If the process is not performed properly, then you could get a lot of failures due to popcorning, delamination, surface peeling, micro-cracking or more.
Dry Packing
Proper packaging of stored product is crucial for future use. Allowing product to absorb and trap moisture will only lead to future failure of good product. Dry packing them properly will eliminate that problem.
UV Erasing of EPROM's
Windowed EPROMS can be cleared of its memory when put in a UV chamber for the proper amount of time.
Part Removal
If you need 1 or all the components off of a circuit board, we can help. With all the different materials on boards today, mixing them or combining the different metals can ruin the board. There is a proper and improper way to handle this
For more information on these services, please call 817-326-5666.