NTE1675, ECG1675, Integrated Circuit, Dual AF Power Amp, 8.5W

NTE1675, ECG1675, Integrated Circuit, Dual AF Power Amp, 8.5W

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  • Small idling current (20mA/2 channels) enabling prolonged battery life.
  • Small dependence of idling current on VCC.
  • High power (8.5W typ. X 2).
  • High ripple rejection (60dB at steady state). Since filters are arranged in 3 stages (including 1 stage inside IC) to attain satisfactory ripple rejection at transient state, ripple occurring at the time of motor start can be prevented from mising in.
  • Small pop noise at the time of power supply ON/OFF and good starting balance between both channels (0.6 sec) due to built−in pop noise limiter.
  • Pins provided for compensating high frequency response.
  • Small residual noise (0.4mV).
  • Wide supply voltage range (6 to 24V) easing design of transformer power supply.
  • Built−in thermal shutdown circuit.
  • Designed so that inverse insertion or short between adjacent pins causes no destruction.
  • Channel−to−channel mirror image pin assignment and provision of Pre GND, Power GND pins enabling stable operation and easing artwork of printed circuit board.
  • Minimum number of external parts required (9 pcs. min, 12 pcs. typ)
  • Audio muting capability (for automatic music selection, electronic tuner).

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