5961-01-037-8874 DWG. #SM-B-428376 MFR P/N STA0216 TRANSISTOR

5961-01-037-8874 DWG. #SM-B-428376 MFR P/N STA0216 TRANSISTOR

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THIS LISTING IS FOR 5961-01-037-8874 DWG. #SM-B-428376 MFR P/N STA0216 




Electrode Internally-electrically Connected To Case: Collector ALBA
Current Rating Per Characteristic: -6.00 amperes source cutoff current maximum and -2.00 amperes source cutoff current minimum CTQX
Features Provided: Hermetically sealed case CBBL
Maximum Operating Temp Per Measurement Point: 200.0 deg celsius ambient air CTSG
Mounting Facility Quantity: 2 AKPV
Mounting Method: Unthreaded hole and terminal AXGY
Overall Height: 0.340 inches maximum ABKW
Overall Length: 1.252 inches maximum ABHP
Semiconductor Material: Silicon CTMZ
Inclosure Material: Metal ABBH
Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council/jedec/case Outline Designation: To-66 ALAZ
Internal Configuration: Junction contact ALAS
Overall Width: 0.700 inches nominal ABMK
Power Rating Per Characteristic: 40.0 watts small-signal input power, common-collector preset CTRD
Special Features: Junction pattern arrangement: pnp FEAT
Terminal Length: 0.360 inches minimum ABJT
Terminal Type And Quantity: 2 pin and 1 case TTQY
Voltage Rating In Volts Per Characteristic: -50.0 maximum collector to base voltage/static/emitter open and -50.0 maximum collector to emitter voltage, dc with specified circuit between base and emitter and -45.0 maximum collector to emitter reverse voltage and -40.0 maximum collector to emitter voltage/static/base open CTQN
Federal Supply Class (FSC): Semiconductor Devices And Associated Hardware
National Stock Number (NSN):

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