(3 PCS) MP1016EF Monolithic Power Systems Full System Precision CCFL Driver

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THIS LISTING IS FOR (3 PCS) OF MP1016EF BY Monolithic Power Systems
 Full System Precision CCFL Driver
General Description
The MP1016 is a Power IC that offers a true
complete solution optimized for driving a Cold
Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL). This Power IC
converts unregulated DC voltage to a nearly pure
sine wave required to ignite and operate the CCFL.
Based on proprietary power topology and control
techniques (patented), it greatly increases the
power conversion efficiency. The MP1016
implements precision burst mode dimming without
any additional external components. The MP1016
offers four distinct performance advantages:
1. More light for less power
2. Smallest board implementation possible
3. Low EMI emission
4. Low cost off the shelf components
􀂃 Built-in Burst Mode Oscillator and Modulator
􀂃 Built-in Precision Burst Mode Dimming
􀂃 Built-in Open/Short Lamp Protection
􀂃 Built-in Dual Mode Fault Timer
􀂃 Built-in Soft-on/Soft-off Burst Mode
􀂃 Automatic Recovery from ESD Event
􀂃 Wide Range 6 to 22V Battery Voltage with
Regulated Lamp Current
􀂃 Startup at All Voltages and Temperatures
Without Additional Components
􀂃 Integrated 0.10Ω Power Switches
􀂃 Output Short Circuit Protected
􀂃 No High Voltage Ballast Capacitor
LCD Backlight Inverter for:
􀂃 Notebook Computers
􀂃 Tablet PCs
􀂃 Desktop Systems
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Input Voltage (VBatt) 25V
Power Dissipation 1.0W
Logic Inputs -0.3 to 6.8V
IL, ISFB Input Voltages (VIL, VISFB) ± 6V
VLFB Input Voltage (VVLFB) -0.3 to 12V
Junction Temperature 150°C
Lead Temperature (Solder) 260°C
Operating Frequency 150KHz
Storage Temperature –55 to +150°C
Recommended Operating Conditions
Input Voltage (VBatt) 6 to 22V
Digital Brightness Voltage (VDBrt) 0 to 1.8V
En Enable Voltage (VEn) 0 to 5V
Operating Frequency (Typical) 60KHz
Operating Temperature -20 to +85°C
Thermal Characteristics θJA θJC
Thermal Resistance (TSSOP) 90° 25° C/W
Thermal Resistance (TSSOPF) 40° 6° C/W

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