1 x FLNR10 - Littelfuse- 10 Amp Fuse- New

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Part Number: FLNR010 
Technology: Fuses
Series: FLNR
Electrical Characteristics 
FLNR Series - UL Class RK5 Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuse 250 Volt Littelfuse FLNR series fuses have been the superior UL Class RK5 dual-element time-delay fuses, and are the most widely used class of fuses. FLNR series fuses provide excellent protection for all types of circuits especially those containing motors.

  • Service entrance switches 
  • Switchboard main and feeder switches 
  • Motor control center mains and motor branch circuits 
  • Individual fused combination motor controllers 
  • Distribution panel boards 
  • Industrial control panels 
  • Protection of fully-rated panel boards and load centers 
  • All general purpose circuits 
  • 200,000 A.I.R. - Reliable interruption of all over currents up to 200,000 amperes. 
  • Faster acting short circuit protection than any non-current limiting mechanical protective device. 
  • Accurate and reliable - Automated, precision manufactured and assembled parts ensure accurate, consistent response to overloads and short circuits. 
Property Value
  • Indicating N
  • Opening Characteristic Time Delay
  • Size Industrial Cartridge
  • UL Class RK5
  • VAC (V) 250
  • VDC (V) 125
  • Current (A) 10

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