(1 PC) NTE8255, ECG8255, IC, MOS Programmable Peripheral Interface

(1 PC) NTE8255, ECG8255, IC, MOS Programmable Peripheral Interface

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The NTE8255 is a general purpose programmable INPUT/OUTPUT device in a 40−Lead DIP type package designed for use with the 8080A/8085A microprocessors. Twenty−four (24) I/O lines may be programmed in two groups of twelve (Group I and Group II) and used in three modes of operation. In the Basic mode, (MODE 0), each group of twelve I/O pins may be programmed in sets of 4 to be input or output. In the Strobed mode, (MODE 1), each group may be programmed to have 8 lines of input or output. Three of the remaining four pins in each group are used for handshaking strobes
and interrupt control signals. The Bi−directional Bus mode, (MODE 2), uses the 8 lines of Port A for a bi−directional bus, and five lines from Port C for bus control signals.

  • Fully Compatible with the 8080A/8085A Microprocessor Families
  • All Inputs and Outputs TTL Compatible
  • 24 Programmable I/O Pins
  • Direct Bit SET/RESET Eases Control Application Interfaces
  • 8 − 4mA Darlington Drive Outputs for Printers and Displays
  • LSI Drastically Reduces System Package Count

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