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HVM Technology

S.P.E.C. has just completed an agreement with HVM Technology to start distributing their products. They have become a leading source for High Voltage Microelectronics. Give us a call so you can see the quality of their products.

HVM Technology, Inc. designs, manufacturers and markets high performance electronic products for a variety of applications in the military, aerospace, scientific and analytical fields. HVM specializes in miniature high voltage power converters, as the name suggests (HVM is an abbreviation for High Voltage Microelectronics).

HVM Technology was established in 2004 as a producer of specialized multi-output high voltage dc to dc converters used in night vision image intensifiers. It is this technology base that has established HVM as an industry leader in the field of high voltage microelectronics. This highly critical and specialized high voltage niche has led us into markets that require extremely small high voltage packaging in order to take their newest technologies to the next smaller level and to stay competitive in today’s world marketplace. Because of the growing demand for products to be smaller and portable, HVM continues to push the limits of high voltage miniaturization by offering a variety of standard and custom products ranging from single-output high voltage dc-to-dc converters to complex multiple output modulated designs.